Programmatic Direct Mail


Programmatic direct mail or triggered direct mail provides a way to engage with customers when email triggers have failed to gain their attention.

With programmatic mail you can send a direct mail piece with a personalised message and image that will re-engage your customers. It could be an item from an abandoned cart or a timed event on a product page that a customer has interacted with.

It can also be combined with augmented reality images to enable you to link your mail piece with the customer's smart device, providing a truly interactive mailing item.

Our workflows can interact with your website analytics to provide automated solutions for programmatic mail.

Combine your digital world with the physical world to build your brand and ROI.


Use existing triggers or analytics on your website for logged in customers to generate response. Triggers can include browsing with no purchase, abandoned carts, frequant buyers, customers who haven't purchased in timeframe and first time purchasers.


The trigger works in the same way your email triggers work, sending the customer a direct mail response.


Predefined templates can be set up for different trigger actions, along with variable images and data to provide full personalisation on your mail items.


The direct mail item can be delivered within 24 hours to ensure it engages your customers or can be run as a weekly batch job to reach postal discount if volumes are high enough.


We can help provide reporting on customers that have interacted with your programmatic direct mail item.


Programmatic mail lets your customers know you know them, to build value for your brand and gain loyalty.

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