While digital marketing is absolutely a marketing avenue you should invest some time in, for the automotive industry it is often word of mouth that brings clients through the door.

But what if you could reach the right demographics for your business, and give them a tangible way to remember to call you for their next service, or even their next car?

Automotive direct mail marketing is an ideal marketing avenue to consider for automotive services – and this is a service that CX Services can provide.

Why Consider Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing has many advantages when compared to digital marketing. And automotive direct mail marketing is just as valid, and effective in different ways from new age media marketing.

Direct mail marketing can help you reach customers that may not be online or may not use online searches to find services they require. Using this marketing technique can set your brand and business apart from your competitors.

Direct mail can establish a physical connection with your brand and can be highly personalised to make an immediate impact with the recipient. Our programmatic printing services can be used in order to send timely reminders for services. Postcard mailings are also an effective way to communicate a concise message to your customer base such as details of upcoming events or offers.

Additionally, you can target your campaign based upon age, gender, income, and many more attributes with data profiling services - which we also offer. This will help you get the word to the customers that matter most to your business.

Why Outsource Your Direct Mail Service?

So, if automotive direct mail marketing is so effective, why do I need to outsource it? Well, outsourcing your direct mail marketing campaign can allow you to provide:

  • A professionally run and managed direct mail marketing campaign that doesn’t take up countless hours of your valuable time. We are experts in this field and know what to do, as well as the best methods to use.
  • Reach digitally unreachable demographics that may need your services.
  • Widen your local sphere of influence for your automotive business and spread word of mouth further in a tangible way.
All while freeing up your time to focus on other priorities that are vital to the growth of your business.

Who Are CX Services?

We are customer service specialists in that our services are tailored to allow business owners to grow their business and give them the capability – as well as the functionality – to do so.

And we have decades of experience in the services that we offer. Be it data management, CMS and Website construction, mail fulfilment, or providing an inbound or outbound call centre. Our range of services is comprehensive and built as a one-stop-shop for businesses that need to implement these capabilities to grow.



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