When it comes to marketing a restaurant, there are many efficient ways to do so. But one method that often isn’t considered at all, that has the potential to reach a wide range of customers, with a relevant and personalised message, is restaurant direct mail.

Shout your restaurant’s brand loud in your nearest local communities to drive new customers through the door and hook in pre-existing customers with your latest deals – or your new menu.

The food and drink industry in the UK is huge; the last full study before COVID-19 saw a turnover of 42 billion GBP in 2019 from the mobile food and restaurant industry.

Direct mail marketing is one way that you can help carve out your own little segment in your local area of that mind-boggling number.

Why Consider Direct Mail Marketing?

There are many reasons why you should consider direct mail marketing. Direct mail can offer a physical connection with your brand and deliver a relevant and personalised message into the households of perspective customers.

Many customers appreciate a personalised and physical approach to marketing which shows your business is willing to put in the effort to seek them out. From sending personalised postcards thanking customers for dining with you, to mailing out your latest offers of menu changes – direct mail can be a highly effective way of retaining your customers and driving repeat business.

You can also target your campaign at new customers based upon age, gender, income, and many more demographic attributes that will help you get the word to the potential customers that matter most to your business. You can do this with our demographic profiling services, which in combination with direct mail makes for a highly effective campaign.

Why Outsource Your Direct Mail Service?

While small-scale services can be run in-house by you, the truth of the matter is that to be effective with a direct mail marketing service you need to scale it up and target precise demographics.

Outsourcing your restaurant direct mail marketing can allow you to:
  • A professionally run and managed direct mail marketing campaign that doesn’t take up countless hours of your valuable time.
  • Target many different local areas within your business’s sphere of influence
  • Provide your existing customers and any new customers with an exemplary public relations image; getting new menus delivered, for example, can show your customers you value their business.
  • Reach digitally unreachable demographics, such as people that do not own smartphones, or computers, and wouldn’t benefit from a digital marketing campaign.
  • Widen and improve your overall brand image by spreading the word about your business in a tangible way.


Don’t Rely On Changing Algorithms

Digital marketing is absolutely crucial to any business nowadays, but relying solely on digital marketing may not be a good idea. Direct mail marketing for your restaurant is a good way to diversify your reach.

Digital marketing can be subject to the whim of the algorithms that run search engines like Google, or social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Changes in algorithms can impact how your brand reaches new audiences.

While this is unavoidable in the scope of digital marketing, it is always good practice to have other forms of marketing to promote your business and brand. Out of the many marketing methods to choose from, restaurant direct mail marketing adds a great deal of value to your marketing plan.

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Our decades of experience will help you grow your business with tailored services built to give your customers an excellent impression of your brand.

We can handle all kinds of aspects of the business from data management to call centre services. We even handle the website and CMS development.



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