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At CX Services, we offer a wide range of data management services that will help organise and optimise your business’ data and its performance.

While our services can be tailored towards individual business needs, our process typically includes:
  • Data Cleansing - Making sure that your data is easy to manage and access with superior organisation
  • Data Supply - Seek out new customers who may be interested in your services using data supply
  • Data Profiling- Find out what makes your business attractive to your customer base with better insights into your customer demographics
  • Customer Relationship Management – Our bespoke CRM databases can help you streamline your data into a secure warehouse that can be used for marketing, including data selection tools that allow you target customer/prospects effectively. With a range of standard and customisable reporting, we can help you get the most from your gold mine of information.
Our services can help businesses of all sizes and will allow them to manage data much more efficiently and effectively.

Each of our services will be able to improve your control over your data and will also be able to provide greater insights which in turn will help you target customers more effectively.

The Benefits of Data Management

Our data management services will allow for more streamlined data for businesses of all sizes that will be easier to access for businesses. We can also help you discover your customer base and will help you target and source potential new customers.

Our main benefits include:
  • A data cleansing service that will help streamline your data, making data easy to analyse and utilise in mailing lists. This will help make a business’ operations much more efficient.
  • We will be able to profile a business’ customer base and their consumer habits which will be beneficial when seeking new customers. It will also help a business tailor its services to suit its customer base’s preferences.
  • We use our fully GDPR compliant data bureaus to help source new potential customers who may be likely to use our clients’ services. This can help bring in more leads and could create an uptake in business.
If there are other services that you require that your feel falls in line with data management services, please contact us.

Why You Might Need Data Management Services

Data management could help your business avoid any data related issues, with everything organised and accounted for it will be easy to manage and navigate all key data.

When you have multiple data streams such as POS, databases, sales spreadsheets, prospect data and website form data it can be a real handful to manage. We have helped many clients to take these disparate data streams and produce a single customer view.

With an array of data streams, key data could be accidentally deleted if it isn’t stored in the right place. In other words, mistakes can easily happen, which makes it harder for businesses to manage and navigate their own key data.

Data management will take care of all of these streams with a single secure warehouse that can be easily accessed to analyse and gain insight into customer habits.

Who Are CX Services

Our business was formed in 2019 as a result of a successful management buyout of Database Direct Ltd. Database Direct Ltd was a successful direct marketing company with more than 3 decades worth of experience.

CX Services Ltd is taking those values and skills that we learned at DDL and taking them to the next level with our variety of services.

We are accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are also members of the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) and Royal Mail ‘Mail Made Easy’ partners.


Our Data Management Specialists

We have a skilled team of data management specialists who will be able to organise and optimise a business’ data management.

We also offer a friendly service where we will be able to guide all of our customers through the services that we are providing and how to operate their new streamlined management systems and services.

Why CX services?

We pride ourselves on being able to bring individualised care to each and every one of our customers with an emphasis on exceptional customer service.

CX Services offer data profiling that can help target a specific demographics that would be most likely to use a client’s services.

Once you have an idea of a customer profile, we can provide omnichannel marketing such as digital print or a specialised contact centre to communicate with potential and existing customers.

Latest News from CX Services

We are always looking to improve our services and performance and we like to keep our customers updated on this through our news section - check out our latest news to see any developments that we make in our data-based marketing and services.

Have a look at our news section here.


Contacting CX Services

If you would like to contact our knowledgeable team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer a free data audit and would be happy to help businesses of all sizes in all sectors.

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