At the core of marketing and sales operations for certain businesses will be telemarketing. It is a crucial function that can supplement your revenue flow and allow you to solicit your services or products to customer bases that may typically remain out of your usual marketing reach.

But outbound call centres can often take up a huge time investment, not to mention a capital investment, that can make the transition to setting up or expanding outbound calls a huge challenge. This is especially true for small and midsize business.

Outsourcing this task to outbound call centre companies, such as CX services, will free up your time to focus on growing your business. Our outbound call centre services can provide you with the expert staff you need to grow your business.

Why Outsource Your Outbound Call Centre?

When it comes to expanding, or even setting up, an outbound call centre, there are many aspects to consider that will vary across individual businesses and business sectors.

Aside from freeing up your time, choosing to outsource your outbound call centre can provide you with:

  • A highly trained and experienced outbound call centre team to handle your outbound communications
  • The ability to function with a high volume of outbound calls
  • Eliminate the need to hire a training manager, or train your outbound staff yourself; freeing up valuable time
  • The ability to scale your outbound call capabilities to fit business needs
  • A reduced cost for outbound call handling; no need to buy equipment, or the infrastructure needed to facilitate a call centre
Among many other benefits!


Make Sure That Your Customers Are Your Top Priority

Outbound call centre services are difficult to get right. Being too pushy can drive potential customers away. Equally, being too complacent won’t drive your customers to see the value of what your business can offer them.

We pride ourselves here at CX Services in dedicating ourselves to learning about you, your journey, your products, and your services to make sure our outbound staff can do their job. Our confidence in our delivery of services comes from our knowledge and understanding of your business.

For professional, specialised inbound call centre outsourcing, feel free to contact us today.

Make Every Order Important

A crucial part of driving a successful outbound call centre campaign is placed the upmost importance on every sale, every customer, and every order.

As you grow as a business, your capacity for handling orders and driving sales will also need to expand; to drive your business growth and maintain your upward curve.

Investing in an outbound call centre service from us can help you accomplish this without sacrificing valuable time and more investment capital than you need to.

Keep it simple and focus on your business, let us handle the rest.


Who Are CX Services?

We are a team of specialists that provide a range of valuable services that businesses need to grow their market, customer base, and operational functionality – and we have decades of experience in doing so.

We don’t just offer outbound call centre services. We can provide a diverse portfolio of operational business support including:

- Data management
- Direct mail services
- Digital Printing
- Mail Fulfilment
- Website Development

And more! While our service pool is broad, we have the skill sets needed and the experienced staff to provide these services.

When you choose CX services, you choose a premier service and all that comes with those expectations.


Want to Know More? Check Out CX News

We go above and beyond the services that we offer business owners. For example, our free to read CX News section will provide you with more details about our services, what we are planning for the future, and will provide you with valuable commentary on the world of business and business operational support.



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