Hotels provide a very valuable service to not only travellers but to local businesses also. They provide a hub for local spending and provide a place to facilitate tourism, business trips, and overnight stays.

But no matter if you are a huge multi-property hotel conglomerate or a small family-run establishment, good marketing is at the forefront of getting your hotel and its brand out there.

Why Consider Hotel Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail is a brilliant way to reach out to the people that you want in a way that they will remember. Tangible letters, postcards, or special deal vouchers are much more memorable than an Instagram post.

Direct mail can also be highly effective in boosting your customer retention. For example, sending a personalised “Welcome Home” postcard to your customers upon return from their trip can be a great way of building a lasting connection with customers, encouraging re-bookings or even prompting for feedback. Direct mail can be highly personalised and can offer a physical connection with your brand.

Our demographic profiling services can also offer essential insight into your existing customer base and allow you to tailor your marketing to similar customers who are likely to use your service.

Why Outsource Your Hotel Marketing Services?

Outsourcing the direct mail segment of your hotel marketing solutions will free up vital time, energy, and resources that you can channel back into other avenues of marketing your hotel or into completely different avenues of your business altogether.

Choosing to outsource your hotel’s direct mail marketing can:
  • Provide your hotel’s brand with a professional direct mail marketing campaign from a team with years of experience.
  • Free up your time and energy to focus on other avenues of running your business.
  • Provide valuable insights into how your customers and clients interact with your brand.
  • Allow you to target specific geographical areas that would be beneficial to your business.
  • Reach specific demographics that may not be able to be reached by digital marketing.
  • Provide you with a marketing campaign that is tangible and memorable in customers’ minds.


Who Exactly Are We?

CX Services are customer experience specialists. Our job is to make sure your customers have the best experience trading or getting services from you as humanly possible.

Our range of services is designed to support businesses in a range of areas that can help them grow without the strain of investing too much in new equipment, properties, or digital assets.

We can handle everything from building your brand a CMS for a custom website to handling both inbound and outbound calls.



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