Product Data Management (PDM) refers to how you ‘manage’ data regarding a specific product. If you’re a business that sells a specific product type, you have probably been using some form of PDM – even if it’s as simple as written notes.

For an efficient and compliant business model, it’s incredibly important to have a well-structured, streamlined database to continue your PDM effectively.

PDM works best when it’s accessible, detailed and functional – allowing your production line to clearly see what is needed, and for sales and QA staff to take requested information to customers and clients.

Read on to discover how CX Services can help you optimise your Project Data Management and grow your business.

What Classes As Project Data Management?

The data you track during PDM usually involves things such as:

  • The technical specifications of the product
  • Specifications for product manufacturing
  • Specifications for product development
  • Material specifications for goods production
Product Data Management is important in keeping company knowledge collated into an easy-to-understand repository. It promotes data exchange and awareness for staff in all business departments, including designers and QA teams.

Having these things in mind helps companies track the costs of their products, and when combined with PIM (Product Information Management), they can compare them to their sales – identifying profit margins and room for improvement.

PIM can only do its job if your PDM is optimised to be up-to-date and reliable, so it’s vital that you ensure your Project Data Management is up to standard.

How Can CX Services Help With Product Data Management?

When compiling your data, you want to ensure that everything you have is GDPR compliant, streamlined and simple for your staff to understand and access.

Having data that doesn’t make sense or isn’t up-to-date can set you back and lead to errors in the production line or sales departments – upsetting clients, setting you back time and costing you money.

Here at CX Services, we offer services such as Data Cleansing, which is the process of ensuring that your data is ‘clean’ and easy to understand. We check to make sure that all of your data is up-to-date to your current product specifications and that it’s not breaching any data or GDPR laws. Ensuring your data is correct, and up to the UK standards can save you from fines and penalties that could endanger your business.

Once your data is up to scratch, you can pursue other data services that will help you find more customers for your products or identify your current customer base and demographics. You can read more about our full list of data management services by clicking here.

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