The data profiling services that we offer at CX Services allow you to gain superior insight into who exactly your customers are and what they are looking for out of your business.

Using Experian mosaic data, we will be able to identify what attracts people to your business which will help you plan the direction for your business moving forward.

Mosaic data profiling offers an advanced classification system that can segment your customer base into different groups and types so that you have a better idea of who is using your products or services and refine your marketing plan accordingly.

The Benefits of Data Profiling

Use mosaic profiling to understand the demographics, lifestyles and behavior of your customers, gain a better understanding about your customer base and improve targeting, to enhance the management of your marketing campaigns.

Put simply, data profiling helps you identify your target customers and how to optimise your services in order to reach the right them with the right products or services.

In collaboration with the rest of our data management services, data profiling will help you gain valuable insight into your customer base. Used in conjunction with our data supply services you can easily build your customer base by acquiring more customers that match your target demographics.

CX Services offers omnichannel direct marketing services with data profiling being an essential step in mapping out your marketing strategy.

For more on how our data profiling can help your business, contact our team.

Data Profiling Tailored To You

Our data profiling services take individual care with each and every one of our customers. We will make sure that we understand your business and the direction in which you want to take it in order to optimise your data performance.

The data profiling that we offer will be bespoke to meet your businesses needs and goals and will help provide insight that will help you tailor your services and your brand message.

For more information on how we can help you with personalised customer profiling, contact us for a quote.

Why Your Business Needs Data Profiling

Data profiling can give you key insight into who is, and who isn’t, using your services. Knowing your demographic can allow you change your marketing plan to reach your target customers. Data profiling will help you reach the customer base that’s most likely to use your products or services.

Knowing your target demographic can also help you increase your customer base. By making use of our data supply services, you can acquire more potential customers that match your top customers.

Our data profiling services will help create a roadmap on your data optimisation that will inform future marketing strategies and help you target the right audience.

Why You Should Go With CX Services

We have an experienced team that offers so much more than just data profiling, we have a whole array of omnichannel marketing services from direct mail printing to mail fulfillment.

We offer fantastic customer service and can offer your business the personalised care that will help increase awareness of your services.

The marketing services that we offer will connect you with your customers through a range of effective marketing channels.

Who Are CX Services Ltd?

Database Direct Ltd was a successful marketing company that was bought out by management in 2019, creating CX services.

Our fully accredited and experienced team offers services that can be tailored to each business that we work with through a range of services and friendly customer support.


The Data Management Team

Our data profiling is carried out by a team of specialists who take pride in our high-quality services.

We offer helpful and friendly insight into our process and will work in collaboration with you to help your business reach new heights.

See Our News Section for the Latest Updates

We always seek to improve our data profiling services and offer our clients insights into our developments through our news section which is regularly updated.

To see our thoughts on the developing data landscape and our constant steps towards improving our services, click here.


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