Make sure that your business is managing its returns with an efficient process that keeps customers happy. We can help you take care of returns by removing any customers who have returned products from mailing lists.

While it may not seem significant, many people will complain about companies and businesses “chasing them” even after they have returned a product. This could lead to a negative perception of your business that has the potential to spread - so it’s important to make sure returns and their follow-up are properly taken care of and remain GDPR compliant.

With CX services, we will make sure that your returns are managed with customers removed from mailing lists to keep their perception of your business positive, even if the product wasn’t for them.

The Benefits of Returns Management

Proper returns management offers businesses a better image. Returns are a part of the customer experience and a hassle-free process will make them more likely to use your services again. Some benefits include:
  • Goodwill to your customers
  • An improved reputation
  • More accurate mailing lists
You can make sure that the right message reaches the right people, not the wrong ones. If this is something that you think you may benefit from then feel free to contact the CX Services team.

We can also offer bespoke services such as stripping out and retaining stock, such as catalogues, for future re-use.

Returns Management That’s Tailored to Your Business

When we handle returns management, we make sure that it is tailored to your business and its unique situation.

We will make sure that your customer’s return and post-return experience is as seamless as possible, offering a more positive experience between you and your customer.

We can use return information - in collaboration with our data profiling - to help you identify and locate your target demographic.

Why You May Need Returns Management Services

If a customer returns a mailed item but continues to receive emails and letters, it may irritate them and they may tell others about your business being too persistent.

This could have a negative impact on your business and is completely avoidable with proper returns management.


Why You Should Go With CX Services

We understand that every business needs a tailored returns management approach and will make sure that your customers are satisfied with hassle-free returns.

We will make sure that they aren’t bothered with follow up emails and letters, allowing you to focus on those who want to use your services.

At CX Services, customer experience is professionally handled:

- We will answer phone calls
- We can print your marketing material
- We can mail your message
- We offer a warehouse, where we can store, pick and pack your orders
- We can optimise your data


Who Are CX Services?

Founded in 2019, we are a relative newcomer to the customer experience industry, but our team have their roots in Direct Database Ltd, which management bought out to become CX Services.

With a strong foundation and decades of experience, we are dedicated to improving the relationship between you and your customer.

The CX Services Team

Specialising in a variety of customer experience services, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to improve your relationship with your customers.

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Our news offers that insight, showing you how we are remaining up to date on the developments within the customer experience industry.



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