That time of year is coming along where workloads seem to get bigger and bigger, and while that means you’re doing more business, you may want to alleviate that pressure.

A great way to get your message out there is through Christmas direct mail. Make sure your special offers are seen by potential customers who may want to use your products or services by sending out personalised postcards or letters to share your message and promote your business.

The problem with direct mail Christmas cards and letter campaigns is that they can prove time-consuming and costly if you don’t have access to the right channels.

That is where CX Services come in. We understand that Christmas is an essential time for most businesses, as it is when customers are most likely to spend much more. We also understand that it is essential to focus on your business and day-to-day operations during this period.

Because of this, we offer a Christmas direct mail service that makes sure that your business has the visibility that it deserves during this busy period. All without tying up time and resources on your end.

The Benefits A Christmas Direct Mail Offers

During the months and weeks leading up to Christmas, most people are looking for some ideas and inspiration for what they will be buying for loved ones - so your postcard or letter coming through the door may be exactly what they need.

Christmas direct mail offers you the chance to inspire existing and new customers to come along. Whether it’s for your products, or if you’re a service-based business - say a restaurant - a gift voucher.

Here are some further benefits:
  • A direct link to active customers
  • Local visibility
  • A spotlight on a specific product or service
  • Exposure for holiday sales and offers
If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, please get in touch.

Bespoke Christmas Mailing

We can send your material out in bulk, or to a targeted area. We will help you reach the right customer base with your Christmas mailing ideas that may bring them into your business.

Better yet, we can handle more than just the mailing, all we need is your marketing material - we can print it, store it in our very own warehouse, target your optimal customer base with data profiling, and then send your material out.

What You Miss Without Christmas Direct Mail

If you are planning on ramping up business through Christmas but are not letting people know, you may not get that surge in business that you deserve.

Make sure that your increased business is matched with the increased exposure that a direct Christmas mail service can offer.

Why Work With CX Services?

We have a team with decades of experience in direct mail campaigns and have run many successful Christmas campaigns.

We can handle your Christmas direct mailing requirements with efficiency, finding you the most cost-effective mailing channels and making sure that your message makes it to the right demographic.



More Insight With CX News

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You’re in good hands with CX services as we have a motivated team with the experience necessary to help bring in Christmas customers.


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