Looking for new customers? We can rent consumer and business data on your behalf for use with mailings, outbound calling, and other marketing campaigns. Our supplied data is fully GDPR compliant and can include email and telephone numbers, where required.

Used in conjunction with our demographic profiling services , you can easily build a hyper-relevant customer base for any marketing campaign regardless of your sector.

The Benefits of Data Supply

With a huge number of profiling options and demographic selections, CX Services enable you to target your perfect audience regardless of what marketing channel you choose to use.
  • Create Segmented Lists Based on Defined Criteria: We build detailed custom consumer lists based on your unique criteria, budget, campaign requirements, and needs. We can analyse your database to find common traits and group consumers together, or we can source targeted data lists from various sources.
  • Run Multi-Touch Point Campaigns: We help you set up multi-channel campaigns for maximum impact and ROI. From email marketing to direct mail and telemarketing, we are fully equipped to convert prospects into buyers on any communication channel.
  • Get Legally Compliant Consumer Lists: You can have peace of mind that we have taken all necessary steps to ensure that we only deal with providers who collect, clean, and maintain data in line with the law.
  • Purchase Relevant & Accurate Data: Get access to clean and accurate data lists and target the most appropriate people for your services.
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Data Supply from CX Services

We make creating targeted consumer lists easy and work with you from the ground up to deliver the results you need for your direct marketing campaign.

Your objectives are at the heart of our solutions, and we take the time to sort and categorise our data so that we can provide you with the best match for your needs.

We can help with:

B2B Data Lists

Providing GDPR-compliant B2B direct mail and telemarketing data lists based on your campaign requirements and goals. Choose from a wealth of UK business records including business size, contact name, telephone number, and more. We can help you target businesses most likely to use your services based on various factors such as sector, turnover and number of employees.

B2C Data Lists

Gain access to millions of UK consumer records with clean data and a plethora of selections, including age, property selections, length of residency, marital status, affluence, and more.

Business & Consumer Data List Providers

With 30 years of combined experience, we provide clean, compliant, and reliable business and consumer data. We test, validate, research and segment all lists that we use with our unique benchmarking process, meaning that we can recommend the most suitable solutions to our clients.
  • Ethically sourced and legally compliant databases.
  • Up-to-date data from reputable data providers.
  • High-quality data at competitive prices.
  • Personalised consumer data supply solutions for any sector.

Who Are CX Services?

Formed in 2019 following a successful management buyout of Database Direct Ltd, CX Services is a professional direct marketing company with over 30 years of combined experience.

We help clients connect with their perfect audience by cleansing their databases , providing them with reliable and accurate consumer data, and building effective direct marketing campaigns that drive real results.


Our Data Supply Specialists

At CX Services, our aim is to make your direct marketing campaigns as successful as possible. By offering our expert insights and knowledge, we can provide you with the best start to your direct marketing campaign.

With hundreds of business and consumer lists in just the UK, we will guide you in choosing the right database for your needs. Our team are experts at building lists in an ethical and legal manner so that you can enjoy increased returns on investment without having to worry about compliance issues.

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