Programmatic direct mail produces automated content to engage with your customers and take the work out of your hands. Triggers can be created to generate data which can be processed by our pre-set print workflows to generate print content without any manual interaction.

Our programmatic solutions can be a highly effective method of delivering meaningful content to customers at the perfect time to pique their interest.

Automated solutions can run instantaneously to offer the quickest possible turnaround for your mail piece. We can also schedule tasks at set intervals for larger print batches. Whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly processing – or anything in between – our programmatic solutions can be a powerful tool for simplifying your regular print and fulfilment jobs.

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The Benefits of Programmatic Printing

Programmatic printing can be fully automated to take the stress of repeat jobs completely out of your hands. Leaving you to work on other aspects of your business.

Jobs can be scheduled at a time that suits you with options for daily, weekly or monthly runs. Our advances workflow system can be scheduled in a way that ensures your printed materials are automatically generated and ready for immediate print and dispatch.

When combined with our data management services, we can even target specific sets of customers on a regular basis to ensure the correct message in going to the most suitable customers at the most suitable time.

Programmatic Printing Tailored To YOU

We offer programmatic printing services that are specifically tailored to your business. Whether it’s an automated postcard to thank a customer for an order or a printed letter to remind a customer to resubscribe to your service in a timely manner, before they lapse, we are able to offer a suitable programmatic solution for your business. We can even offer solutions for abandoned baskets on your online store to contact the customer to encourage them to complete the purchase.

We will provide you with insight on how your business, in particular, can boost its recognition through programmatic printing that’s targeted towards an audience that is likely to use your services.

Why Your Business May Need Programmatic Printing

Are you spending too much time organising repetitive reoccurring print jobs? Programmatic printing can be the ideal solution to take this work out of your hands by implementing an automated solution.

With options for letters, postcards and envelopes, we can help you generate printed materials that reaches a wider range of your customers. We can also offer hybrid mail solutions in order to provide simultaneous mail and email solutions to give your message maximum impact.

With our data profiling services, we will help you print material that may bring in the customers who will likely use your products and services.

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More About CX Services

Formed in 2019, CX Services was built on the foundations set out by our predecessor - Database Direct Ltd.

Our team, which has decades of experience, seeks to build off of what we learned at DDL to provide each and every one of our clients with bespoke direct marketing services.

Meet the CX Team

Our highly motivated and experienced team are on hand to support you with all of your marketing needs. We will assist you with your bulk print marketing from beginning to end.

To provide you with a service of the highest quality, our steam has received accreditation with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are also members of the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) and Royal Mail ‘Mail Made Easy’ partners.


Why Work With Us

We will offer a comprehensive service that covers profiling, printing and mailing too, so you can focus on your business while we spread its recognition.

We treat each client with individualised care and your business will be no different, we can work alongside you to distribute the perfect marketing material that will engage your targeted potential customers.

All of Our Latest News and Updates

Want to gain valuable insight into our process and how we provide our bespoke direct marketing services? We offer exactly that through our news section.

It shows our clients how we approach each customer with individual care and highlights the processes that we use to boost your businesses recognition.


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