Harness the Power of Phygital: Introducing CX Services' Hybrid Mail Solutions

In today's ever-evolving landscape of communication, marketers and businesses find themselves in a paradoxical situation. The digital age has revolutionised how we connect, yet the traditional modes of communication, such as direct mail, have an undying appeal. At CX Services, we've embraced this conundrum, and the result is our avant-garde 'Hybrid Mail' solution. Welcome to the 'phygital' revolution.

The Phygital Approach: Bridging Two Worlds

"Phygital" – a portmanteau of physical and digital – perfectly encapsulates the essence of our Hybrid Mail. We recognise that each mode of communication offers unique benefits that the other cannot replicate. Why choose between the tangible touch of a physical letter and the instant accessibility of an email when you can have the best of both worlds?

How Does Hybrid Mail Work?

At its core, the process is simple, yet its impact profound:

  1. Data Integration: Provide us with a data file containing both physical addresses and email addresses of your intended recipients.
  2. Simultaneous Dispatch: Upon receiving your data, our system crafts individualised communications for each recipient. As the physical mail gets dispatched to the mailbox, its digital counterpart zooms to the email inbox, ensuring your message resonates across multiple touchpoints.
  3. Consistency in Communication: Regardless of the medium, the essence and design of your message remain consistent, ensuring brand uniformity and message coherence.

The Power of Multi-Marketing

The idea behind our Hybrid Mail stems from a principle we fervently believe in: Multi-Marketing. Here's why it's the bedrock of successful communication today:

  • Maximised Reach: Not all customers are the same. While younger demographics might gravitate towards digital channels, older generations may still hold a preference for traditional mail. Hybrid Mail ensures you miss out on no one.
  • Reinforced Messaging: Repetition is the mother of retention. By echoing your message across different platforms, it imprints more robustly on the recipient's mind.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Physical mail can often be a tactile experience – something that can be touched, felt, and revisited. Emails, on the other hand, offer immediacy. Together, they form a compelling combination.

Measurable & Relevant in Today's Digital World

What's marketing without metrics? One of the significant advantages of Hybrid Mail is its inherent measurability.

  • Physical Mail Tracking: With QR codes and unique URLs, you can gauge the effectiveness of your physical campaigns in real-time. Understand who's engaging and how.
  • Email Analytics: Dive deep into open rates, click-through rates, and more, giving you a comprehensive overview of engagement levels.
  • Integrated Insights: By having a dual approach, insights from one mode can inform strategies for the other. For instance, an email segment showing low engagement can be retargeted with a specialised physical mail offer, and vice versa.

Moreover, the digital world's relevance doesn't diminish the importance of physical communication; it elevates it. In a sea of countless emails, a physical letter can stand out, making the recipient feel valued and special.

Conclusion: The Future is Phygital

While the digital revolution continues to shape the way businesses communicate, the importance of human touch, of something tangible, remains undiminished. Our Hybrid Mail is a testament to this very belief. It's not just about combining two communication modes; it's about creating a synergistic strategy where each enhances the other's effectiveness.

At CX Services, we invite you to be part of this phygital future. A future where your message is not just heard but felt, not just seen but experienced. Join us in rewriting the rules of engagement.

Getting to Know CX Services

Established over thirty years ago under the moniker of Database Direct Ltd, our journey took a pivotal turn in 2019 with a management buyout, establishing CX Services Ltd.

Our seasoned crew boasts years of expertise in the realm of direct mail marketing, armed with the knowledge and nuances to deliver top-notch direct mail campaigns for your brand.

Beyond this, we provide comprehensive data management solutions, CMS web development services, and complete direct mail execution - from printing to fulfillment, ensuring a smooth and efficient direct mail marketing experience.

Our team proudly holds accreditations from ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.


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From burgeoning startups offering niche services to established e-commerce giants, we cater to a diverse spectrum of businesses. For us, each partner is unique, and we pour diligent effort into converting your mailing databases into tangible, impactful printed campaigns.

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