While every good marketing campaign needs to take into account digital marketing, especially in today’s day and age, few businesses decide to consider more traditional marketing methods – such as direct mail marketing. This is particularly true for the tourism and travel industries where direct mail marketing can provide significant value.

Direct mail can be highly personalised and targeted to establish maximum impact and create a physical connection with your brand. Direct mail marketing can be highly effective at targeting new and existing customers, particularly when combined with our data management services. We can manage your data and provide demographic profiling to give you valuable insight into who your top customers are and help you target your marketing towards similar customers. We also offer data cleansing services which can improve the quality of your data and keep you GDPR compliant.

In addition, direct mail can also be a great tool for customer retention. Imagine sending a customer a personalised “Welcome Home” postcard which is personalised with an image of their holiday destination. This postcard could offer incentives for re-booking and help boost your customer retention. Through our programmatic printing services, we can provide highly effective marketing material like this on a regular basis for you, as well as offer solutions for high volume mailings.

Why Outsource Travel and Leisure Marketing Services?

When it comes to marketing services, many businesses consider keeping all their marketing efforts in-house; inclusive of digital and traditional marketing methods. This is valid and may work to a limited extent, but it can also hinder overall growth. It gives you another avenue to focus on, diverting your attention from other business aspects.

Outsourcing this process to CX Services can allow you to:
  • Save your attention for more vital business aspects and give you the time to focus on running the business, rather than the marketing campaign.
  • Use our data profiling services to Target very specific demographics. Find out who your top customers are and target similar customers by age, gender, income, geographical area, and much more.
  • Reach out to potential customers that may not have a phone or computer; meaning they cannot be reached by digital marketing efforts.
  • Spread a tangible, memorable message to the areas you want and expand your sphere of influence to areas you desire.
  • Use our extensive knowledge to obtain the best available postage rates


Don’t Always Rely On The Tech

Digital marketing is great, that is when it works. Relying solely on marketing that is susceptible to search engines can leave you open to algorithm changes.

The algorithms that run the big, main search engines are responsible for feeding people that use their search function valid and relevant information relating to their search query.

Huge companies such as Google and Microsoft often update their search engine algorithms to better reflect how people search for online services and products – and to stop digital marketers from gaming the system.

Incorporating marketing such as direct mail marketing can be a way to safeguard against this potential threat. Algorithm changes can negatively impact how you rank for certain search terms and decrease the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

Who Exactly Are CX Services?

CX Services are a team of experienced customer experience experts. Our job is to make sure that your customers get the best experience possible when interacting with your brand, or buying your products and services.

We offer a wide variety of business support services such as call centre management (both inbound and outbound), warehousing services, and even custom CMS building for unique website design.



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