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With decades worth of experience in direct mail marketing, we are able to help you communicate with a wide base of existing or potential customers who would be likely to use your services.

We can help you send out personalised letters, leaflets and brochures among other mailing options to improve your reach.

Some of the services that we provide include:

Postcard Mailings - The traditional and highly effective way to get your name and brand out there and into the hands of those who may be interested in using your services down the road.

Letter Mailings - You can offer letter mailing services that will help get information regarding what you do out to your customer base.

Mailing Discounts - We help our customers get the best possible rates with a range of mailing services that we can provide to distribute your marketing materials.

Returns Management - We can identify and capture any returns that can then be removed from your mailing list.

We can handle all the mailing requirements for large and small businesses and we make sure that we approach each client with individual attention and consideration when working with them on direct mail marketing.

The Benefits of Direct Mail

Our direct mail services offer your customers a tangible, direct link to your business. You can market directly to those interested in your sector and as a result of the effort we put into identifying and mailing engaging material, they may be more likely to use your services.

It’s cost-effective, can reach a wide or localised audience, depending on what you are seeking, and can bolster your business’ reputation and recognition.

Some of the other benefits that direct mailing can offer includes:
  • A physical connection with your brand
  • A personalised service that targets specific demographics
  • An opportunity to improve brand recognition
  • Better mailing rates with CX Services
Our broad services are flexible to our customer needs. If there is something that you require that has not been covered please get in touch.

Why Your Business Needs Direct Mailing

Direct mailing is the best way to engage your customers in a substantial way - online ads and marketing is effective but can be ignored with ad blockers and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which can anonymise data and avoid digital marketing.

Direct Mailing ensures that your target audience isn’t unknowingly missing your marketing message and will be more likely to respond to something that was purposefully delivered.

Some customers may appreciate what could be considered a physical, personalised and direct approach to marketing as it shows a business is willing to put in the effort to seek out the right customer base.

Why You Should Get Your Direct Mail Marketing From CX Services

We offer a great amount of experience and a wide range of skills that will allow us to target the right demographic for your business.

For even deeper insight into your customer base, check out our data management services .

We work with the Royal Mail, Whistl and DPD to make sure that your mail is distributed at the best rate available.

Having worked with a wide array of businesses, we have the experience necessary to help bolster your direct mail marketing.

So Who Are CX Services?

We started out more than 3 decades ago as Database Direct Ltd, in 2019 a management buyout that led to CX Services Ltd.

Our experienced team has worked in direct mail marketing for years and understand what it takes to provide you with great marketing through direct mailing.

We also offer data management services as well as CMS web development, direct mail fulfilment and direct mail printing - all of which can assist the direct mail marketing process.

The team is accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are also a member of the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) and Royal Mail ‘Mail Made Easy’ partners.



Team CX

The team at CX Services have years upon years of accumulated experience and will be well equipped to offer you the direct mailing services that you need. Their knowledgeable insight will help you create a marketing campaign that has a great chance of bringing in new customers.

Individual Care for Every CX Client

We work with a range of businesses, from services that are offered by growing self-starts to large-scale eCommerce.

Each customer gets individual treatment and extensive care goes into turning your mailing lists into printed materials.

Our News Updates

With the ever-improving online applications that can be used to assist our direct mail marketing, we like to show our clients how we remain on the cutting edge of the industry and celebrate the success of our experienced team through our news section.


Get In Touch With CX Services

We’re here to help you send your mail directly to those who are the most likely to open them and become future customers. If you want to achieve the highest levels of return on investment with your direct mail, talk to us today.

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