When it comes to deciding how best to market your brand, product, service, or business, direct mail marketing may very well be one of the avenues that you are considering using. And you should!

The hallmark of a great marketing campaign is making use of both traditional as well as digital marketing techniques. This will allow you to diversify your brand image and awareness in different ways. There are so many advantages to direct mail, but the response rates as well as how easy it is to track & measure direct mail tend to be the two strongest advantages.

A Closer Look At Direct Mail Response Rates

There have been countless studies performed to compare direct mail with other marketing techniques – both traditional and digital. However, the most common comparison made is with email marketing campaigns.

A study performed by the Association of National Advertisers in the United States found that direct mail is still relevant in the marketing world. According to their study, direct mail has an average response rate of around 9%.

This, upon first reading, doesn’t sound too impressive, but when we consider that most email marketing campaigns will have a response rate many times lower, we begin to see that direct mail marketing is very effective.

To provide context, a Statista report detailed that email marketing campaigns have an average response rate of around 1%. While emails are often interpreted as spam or scam, direct mail is taken more seriously.

Direct Mail Track & Measure

Aside from the brilliant response rates that direct mail tends to have over other marketing methods, it is also easy to track and measure. This makes direct mail easy to tailor to areas and campaigns where it is working and increases your return on investment overall.

There are a number of ways to track and measure the effectiveness of your direct mail, such as:
  • Using QR codes on your promotional material and measuring the click-through rate on QR codes that get scanned.

  • Track the frequency of use when it comes to special coupons or vouchers that your direct mail delivers to potential customers.

  • If you are deciding to add direct mail marketing to your marketing arsenal, then you can track KPIs and how they fluctuate after your campaign has been launched. More sales or more enquiries will obviously mean it has had a positive impact.

  • Trace the phone number you provide on your direct mail through a call forwarding system. This can help you ascertain how many people called as a direct result of your direct mail campaign.

And these are just some of the most common ways to track and measure your direct mail campaigns.


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