Direct mail is a brilliant way to reach target audiences during a marketing campaign. It allows you to get your company's information to your customers without the pitfalls of social media marketing – your letters won't just end up in an email 'spam' folder. You'll be able to connect with prospective customers in a way which feels personal and honest.

Data Management can be a huge help in finding the target demographic that is most likely to engage with your services. Our data management services help to streamline data and help you discover a new customer base.

CX Services Data Management Services

Our master data management service includes a range of important data-processing steps to help organise your business' data and optimise its performance. Some of the key data services include:

Data Cleansing – This is our way of 'cleansing' your data, so it's easy to manage and access. Having well-organised data will make it significantly easier to work with.

Data Supply – Data supply is the process of finding new customers for your business. We can rent consumer and business data on your behalf using data supply -- this means that you'll have a vast number of new connections to send campaign resources to.

Data Profiling – While Data Supply attracts new customers, Data Profiling helps you to understand why your existing customers are interested in your product or service. Having a powerful insight into your customer demographics aids you in being able to focus on certain groups that are more likely to give you their business.

Customer Relations Management – Make the most of your CRM databases. Our CRM databases help you get all your information into one accessible database. You can then pull important information as needed for your marketing. Data selection tools help you target customer prospects effectively, while a range of reporting devices can help you get the most from your existing information.

These services are all great by themselves, but together they create powerful marketing influence. It's important to understand your data before launching a marketing campaign – you can save a lot of important time and money by knowing your target audience.

Our data services are all GDPR compliant and will never endanger the privacy of your customers.

Why You Need Data Management Services

No matter the size of your business, you'll know that running an efficient company involves a lot of data, paperwork, databases, spreadsheets, worksheets and more. Employing a master data management service to collate this information into an organised, structured form will save you significant time.

It will also mean it is much easier to pull data quickly, allowing you to find your demographics and target new key customer bases.

Data management lets you understand your current and previous customers' behaviours. Knowing your current customers can build relationships and sustain their loyalty to your business. Knowing customers who left your business can help you identify when and why they left so your business can be more efficient as you move forward.

About CX Services

Formed in 2019 following a successful management buyout of Database Direct Ltd, CX Services is a professional direct marketing company with over 30 years of combined hard-earned experience.

We help clients use data intelligently and produce more effective, omni-channel customer communications. Starting off with cleaning your data, CX Services help you build strong connections with your audience through a variety of offline and online marketing solutions.


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