Insurance is all about making sure the right people have the right kind of cover for whatever life may throw at them. It is a vital service that can provide a safety netting to so many people in all avenues of life – but there are so many insurance options to choose from.

Part of any good insurance marketing campaign is making sure the customer knows the value of the insurance being provided, as well as the legal status of having a particular kind of insurance.

It is crucial to get to the right demographic when launching a marketing campaign for insurance. There’s no point in advertising to teenagers if you are a company that provides specialised marine vehicle insurance.

Direct mail is the answer you have been looking for. It can help you target specific demographics that may benefit hugely from your insurance services and any good marketing campaign should consider direct mail as one of its many moving cogs.

Why Should You Outsource Your Direct Mail?

While it may be possible to run a small direct mail operation yourself, that is provided you have the printing expertise, and a valid distribution method for your direct mail. This process can drain a lot of time and energy that you should be putting into running your business.

Outsourcing your insurance direct mail marketing can allow you to:
  • Have a professional direct mail marketing campaign that makes your brand shine without taking up hours upon hours of your own time.
  • Only target the areas that you want to target to build up your company’s sphere of influence and public visibility in the insurance sector.
  • Reach demographics that you cannot reach through digital marketing, such as people that do not own computers or smartphones.
  • Send highly personalised printed mail content containing a message that will resonate with your recipient.
  • Spread the word about your business in a tangible way that people will remember.

As well as all this, you can target your campaign based on a number of different factors such as age, gender, income, and many more attributes. This will help you reach the right customer for the insurance you are selling.

Insurance Pack Fulfilment

In addition to helping market your insurance products, we also offer pack fulfilment services which are ideal for distributing your policy paperwork. We can offer solutions for daily print and fulfilment and also offer warehouse solutions for your stock.

We appreciate that insurance documents often contain highly personal and confidential information, so we ensure the utmost care and attention throughout the fulfilment process by utilising barcode scanning to ensure your customer’s documents are correctly packed.

Whether it is a single letter of a complex multi-item pack, CX Services can provide a solution for your business.

Who Are CX Services?

We are a company that provides a whole host of services to support businesses up and down the nation with customer service. This is why we brand ourselves as Customer Service Specialists.

We want to provide the additional support to businesses that are needed in order for them to flourish, allowing business owners to focus on the more critical aspects of running their business and services.

We have an abundance of experience and can handle many different aspects of business support from building you a custom CMS to supporting your marketing efforts.



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