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Why Use Royal Mail Leaflet Drops?

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Looking to spread your business name in a local area without the hassle of an extensive marketing campaign?

You may benefit from leaflet drops that use non-personalised leaflets with your business message on them, distributed through the Royal Mail network.

This helps cast a wide net for customers and as your marketing material is non-personalised you can get bulk discounts from print suppliers.

Bulk drop marketing can offer high-quality and effective marketing campaigns that don’t break the bank.

If you have high quality printed marketing material in bulk, you can have it sent to Royal Mail distribution centres for delivery. 

How It Works

With your bulk marketing material now in a Royal Mail distribution centre, you can select a targeted area to which you would like to market.

Once selected, Royal Mail post workers will deliver your marketing material to the homes in the area while on their route.

You can promote to a broad range of potential customers but you can also specialise who you are delivering to by selecting specific postcode sectors.

Using postcode sectors you can target areas where you think your door drop mailing is going to be most effective. 

Postcode sectors combine a postcode area, a postcode district and a single character indicating the location's inward code. 

For example 'SW1A 0' is a sector which is made up of 'SW' which indicates South West London. 

This area has 139 sectors in it, once focused on 'SW1A' there are only 3 sectors in this area and these are marked with an inward code to narrow this down even further to a more specific geographical area. These are marked numerically, with the district including three sectors numbered 0, 1 & 2.

Typically there can be up to 3,000 addresses within a sector and there can be up to 10 postcode districts within a postcode area so the distribution figures can be very high.

How Leaflet Drops Can Be Refined and Measured

Your leaflet drops don’t necessarily have to be widespread, you can share your bulk leaflets within the areas that have a higher chance of using your services.

You can refine your door drop marketing to target a very specific area that your market research suggests a large volume of potential customers are residing.

You can even use a radius in miles from a specific postcode to help locate your ideal catchment areas. 

Royal Mail has two options for targeting residential and residential and business. Residential areas can be kept separate from residential and business to give you maximum reach to your target customers.

To measure the success of your door drop you can use many calls to action such as a dedicated landing page on your website, a specific telephone number or an email address. 

QR codes are also becoming more prevalent to help customers get to your web pages quicker. A quick scan using their smart device camera can save them typing in a long web address.

You can also use a preference centre on your website to gather customer contact details and GDPR consent to personalise future marketing via their preferred channels turning cold leads to warm instantly.

How CX Services Can Help

We can offer a comprehensive service that will provide you with easy and hassle-free leaflet drop marketing.

We offer data management services  that help uncover your specific demographic and give us an idea of exactly who you are marketing towards.

We will help you understand who they are, where they live and what they like and want out of your business.

Our printing services  will put together a unique and attractive leaflet that can be bulk printed to draw in new customers.

With our fulfilment services, we won’t only help you find the areas where you should send your bulk drops, we’ll print, package and send them to a Royal Mail distribution centre.

As Royal Mail ‘Mail Made Easy’ partners, we can ensure that your drops reach the right demographics.

For more on how we can help you with all of your direct marketing needs and much more, contact the CX team.

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