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Paper Sustainability In Business

Paper Sustainability In Business

Paper sustainability is a hugely important aspect to consider for any business in the modern world. While paper does come from a renewable material source, significant carbon emissions are generated in the production of paper that need to be considered and handled appropriately.

The whole process, from chopping down the timber required to processing the timber into paper and then the distribution of that paper, all contribute to rising carbon levels.

Being more sustainable with how paper is used and how much paper is used in day-to-day operations can help to control and reduce the overall emissions that paper production contributes to the current global warming crisis.

However, one of the best ways to be sustainable with paper use is to use paper from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved forest projects. These projects are a huge part of battling the current global warming crisis while still using paper the same way we always do. FSC-approved paper products are verified to meet the “gold standard” of responsible, sustainable production - meaning that they are doing more to help the environment than harm it.

What We Do For Paper Sustainability At CX Services

Here at CX Services, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. For example, we only source our paper from sustainable FSC-approved sources to ensure that our own paper use doesn’t have as much of an overall negative impact on the environment.

This is true for all the services that we offer to our customers that involve paper use, be it our host of direct mail services or a variety of mail fulfilment services. 

Some Key Facts

Some key facts to take note of concerning paper usage are that:

  • European forests are growing by 1,500 football pitches every day rather than decreasing. This is in part due to FSC-approved forest projects.
  • The European rate for recycling paper is at 74% - the highest in the world.
  • Paper recycling has increased 40% since 1998, which equates to 16 million tonnes of paper!
  • 94% of the material used to produce corrugated boards in Europe comes from recycled paper sources.

Why Adopt Paper Sustainability Goals

Adopting goals for your own paper sustainability is hugely important. While many can hold the opinion that their individual contributions won’t make much of a difference, the collective difference that all businesses can make by adopting the use of sustainable paper sources.
For example, it is vital that when sourcing paper, you do so from paper companies that can verify that their paper comes from FSC-approved sources. This means that the paper you use will have been grown, harvested, and processed as efficiently and sustainably as possible.
FSC-approved paper sources are a great way to ensure that your paper use isn’t as damaging to the environment.

How To Adopt Paper Sustainability Goals

When looking to become more sustainable with your paper usage, you’ll first need to assess how much paper your operation uses on a daily basis. You can assess this by taking stock of how much paper your operation or office orders. This will give you a baseline for your usage going forward.
You can then plan out when is best to purchase paper and purchase from FSC verified vendors. That way, you can remain as efficient as possible with your paper usage while using paper that isn’t detrimental to the environment. 

CX Services’ Sustainable Services

Did you know that we can help your business thrive through a range of exceptional services?

For example, our printing services can put together exceptional marketing materials (that are sustainable) and get your business a foothold in local areas of your choice.

Pair our printing services with our data management services and we can help you identify the best demographic to target.

For more information on the various services we offer and ways we can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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