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Experian Mosaic Data Explained

Experian Mosaic Data Explained

Every business likes to claim that they know exactly who they are offering their services to, but do they?

Well, they certainly want to. Every marketing strategy book starts off with “know your target market” but what does this really mean?

It seems fairly straightforward if you sell football gear you’re selling to sporty young men and women, if you’re selling walking sticks, you're selling to an older audience and if you’re selling fancy dress outfits you’re more likely to be selling to kids.

Except with fancy dress you’re not. I had a client who sold fancy dress outfits. What if I told you that demographic profiling revealed that it was middle-aged well off men that were his high spenders?

Each to their own but that knowledge opened my client’s eyes to who his target market really was.

These insights that might just catch you off-guard can be uncovered through Experian mosaic data.

What Is Mosaic Data?

Mosaic data allows you to become much more aware of a customer base through mosaic demographic segmentation.

It offers an advanced classification system that can segment your customer base into different groups and types so that you have a better idea of who is using your products or services and what makes them tick.

Mosaic profiles could be exactly what is needed for a growing business to help identify and connect with the customer base that would be most likely to use their services.

This is true even for large companies, whether you have hundreds or thousands of customers buying your products or services, getting an insight into who they are can help you refine your marketing message.

Knowing your exact demographic could be hugely beneficial and could change the direction of your marketing, and even your business plan.

As well as knowing who uses your services you will know who currently isn’t using your service but would be likely with targeting marketing services, mosaic data can also help you bring on new customers, boosting your sales.

There is a version of Experian mosaic data that is specifically tailored to the UK offering the businesses that we work with more extensive insight into your customers and what they may be looking for out of your business.

Experian’s Mosaic UK profiling provides an accurate understanding of the demographics, lifestyles and behaviour of all individuals and households in the UK.

Mosaic UK can help you:

  • Optimise the value of your customers – Understand the who, what, where, when, how and why
  • Maximise the value of your locations - Make sure you’re targeting the right people, with the right product, at the right time, in the right locations
  • Invest in the future - Use Mosaic UK to anticipate risk and plan for the future

How Is Mosaic UK Built?

Mosaic is built using a four-stage approach:

  • A detailed analysis of the latest societal trends in the UK
  • Acquisition and development of the most appropriate data sources required to classify consumers accurately
  • A sophisticated proprietary approach to cluster analysis
  • Analysis of market research to assist in the validation and interpretation of the segmentation

Much like the more general model, Mosaic UK segments customer groups into homogeneous lifestyle types for each and every individual, household or postcode.

You can find your customer base within the 141 Mosaic person types which aggregate into 67 household types and 15 groups, to create a three-tier classification.

Mosaic UK is clear and consistent, offering reliable insight that can accurately inform marketing strategies.

The classification is identical regardless of whether it is assigned to a person, a household address or a postcode to create one integrated and consistent classification that is easy to implement.

How We Can Help

Used in conjunction with our data cleaning services we can provide a free data audit to check the health of your customer data. Once complete we can then provide a free Mosaic profiling report to get you started on your customer knowledge journey.

Once you know who you’re selling to we can assist you with omnichannel marketing that helps you reach that mosaic demographic in a meaningful way that encourages engagement.

From CMS web development to printed material we can create marketing that is bespoke to your customer base that has been uncovered through mosaic segmentation.

If you are experiencing exponential growth as a result of mosaic marketing then we can help you with that, don’t worry! We can also assist in order fulfilment with extra warehouse space and a range of mailing options.

We can also help with our contact centre too, freeing up time so that you can focus on the development of your business.

For any further information on how we can help, click here to contact the CX Services team.

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