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What Is SMB Marketing?

What Is SMB Marketing?

SMB marketing is community based marketing. It grows your business with the addition of a personal touch

SMBs, or Small and Medium Businesses, will not market the same way as huge e-commerce businesses do. 

The key for SMBs is a personal touch, a personal touch that realistically a large scale digital or press marketing campaign couldn’t achieve.

For SMBs, it’s worth focusing on the little things, often considered as afterthoughts for smaller businesses.

We work with small and medium businesses across industries and sectors and have helped many run very effective local campaigns.

So, with more insight into what SMB marketing is, you may now wonder how it is done.

Here are some of the common themes that come up when it comes to SMB marketing campaigns that have done well, which may spark inspiration for your own local marketing push.

Knowing Your Customers

Somewhat of a cliché, but in this instance, it’s absolutely key to know your local demographic and understand what they are looking for out of your services.

SMBs often have it a bit harder, as they have to offer up high quality and personalised marketing to smaller demographics. So, if they are offering a niche service, it can be hard to effectively market, as they are pursuing a small demographic within a small demographic.

How do you go about profiling customers and making sure there’s a market for your services? Well, that can be done through demographic profiling services.

This will offer SMBs better insight into who their target demographic is and how to target them effectively.

We offer data profiling services that have shown some rather surprising results in the past, so it’s definitely worth considering when setting up a local business.

Print Isn’t Dead

We aren’t suggesting that you pay a surprisingly large bulk of the money to advertise in the local newspaper because, in that sense, print isn’t doing too well.

What we are suggesting is a print marketing campaign, you can target that demographic that you’ve just found, or send your flyers out in bulk.

Often it can be as simple as sending out your menus or product catalogues, although to make sure that the print is of high quality and it reaches a broad audience, you may want to outsource printing and mailing services. 

A Quality Experience; From Flyer To Phone Call To Delivery

Marketing doesn’t end once the phone rings; just because you’ve reeled them in doesn’t mean that you’ve won them over. It’s important to make sure that the customer experience is positive throughout.

That can, of course, be difficult, especially when your business is growing and outsourcing to a call centre can sometimes be a risky move.

There are specialist call centres, however, with highly trained customer experience experts who know how to close a sale for businesses across sectors with authority and genuine passion.

Support The Community

A great way to reel the community in for SMBs is to show that you support them. This can range from sponsoring events to putting on fundraisers of your own.

Showing yourself to be a part of the community - and an avid supporter of the community - will get the locals on your side and will help create a more positive view of your business.

Round Things up

We know that local marketing for SMBs can feel overwhelming and can be a lot of work for marginal returns, but with time and consistency, it’s worth it. 

With that being said, it’s not worth it when your attention is being taken away from your business, which is why you should outsource the marketing services workload - that’s where we come in.

You just have to make a flyer design, we’ll print it, distribute it to a targeted audience, and, if needed, we can answer phone calls and manage excess stock in periods of growth.

For more information on our services, helpful tips, and industry guidance, keep up to date with our news section.

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