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How To Handle The Christmas Rush

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The Christmas (and New Years’) rush can be a stressful time of year for businesses in the retail and service industries. Often it can be too much. It can overwhelm your staff and have a detrimental effect on your business.

We know that it can be hard to offer fabulous customer service on a phone call on your 20th call in a row after only one hour - especially if you have other things to do.

Likewise, it’s hard to properly navigate a retail store - say a toy shop - when your stock room is filled to the brim with your Christmas stock.

So how do you properly manage these Christmas campaigns? Well, there is a multitude of help and services that you could bring on.

At CX Services, we have a lot of experience helping businesses negotiate the busy season. Here are what we have found to be the most effective ways to make those hectic December weeks feel a little less hectic.

Outsourcing Contact Centre Teams

Outsourcing to a contact centre team through the Christmas months may be exactly what you need to focus on your business and maintain your standard of customer service.

Teams like our own offer specialists who will be able to learn the ins and outs of your business quickly, offering customers who are calling about products or services expert advice and helpful customer service.

As well as keeping your floor staff freed up for in-person customer service, this can help bring in more customers, with an effective call to action from our contact centre teams.

During the Christmas and New Year periods, it’s important to give customers a service that will keep them coming back for the rest of the year. So make sure that your staff are freed up to do so while we handle queries, bookings and more.

Outsourced Warehousing

If your stockroom is bursting at the seams, it may be time to take advantage of a warehouse to store your excess Christmas orders. 

The best option available is a pick and pack outsourced warehouse, where you can store stock which, once ordered, will be able to be selected and properly packed by a team of warehousing experts. This will help you keep your store layout fresh and easy to navigate, which will in turn bring in more customers.

If you’re looking for a high-standard pick and pack service, we can help. But let us know soon, as the warehouse can fill up quickly around Christmas. Make sure your excess stock is there!

Outsourcing To Keep On Top Of Mail

If you are in store all day selling products you’ll hardly have time to get to the post office to send away orders made online. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also be costly with numerous delivery services that offer varying rates.

We can offer fulfilment that will help you keep on top of your outbound mail. This means that you will get the best deal and won’t have to worry about making it to the post office in time.

Mail outsourcing is great in the retail industry but is also a great way for restaurants  to stand out too. You can send those who have had a Christmas meal at your establishment a thank you letter to help create a connection and drive repeat business.

Christmas Direct Mail

A great way to get your message out there is through Christmas direct mail. Make sure your special offers are seen by potential customers who may wish to use your products or services by sending out personalised postcards or letters to share your message and promote your business.

The problem with direct mail Christmas campaigns is that they can prove time-consuming and costly if you don’t have access to the right channels.

This is where CX Services come in. We understand that Christmas is an essential time for most businesses, as it is when customers are most likely to spend much more. We also understand that it is essential to focus on your business and day-to-day operations during this period.

Because of this, we offer a Christmas direct mail service that makes sure that your business has the visibility that it deserves during this busy period. All without tying up time and resources on your end.

All Of This With CX Services

With CX Services, you can take heavy Christmas workloads off of your shoulder while still providing exemplary service through us.

If you think that any of these services are right for you then please get in touch

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