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Why Direct Mail Remains a Powerful Tool in Today’s Marketing Mix


Direct Mail

In a world dominated by digital screens and instant gratification, it's easy to dismiss traditional mail as outdated. But hold on! The data tells a different story. According to JICMAIL's Q4 2023 report, mail remains a highly effective marketing tool, driving engagement, purchases, and brand awareness.

Understanding JICMAIL

JICMAIL, which stands for Joint Industry Committee for Mail, is pivotal in delivering industry-standard audience measurement data for Direct Mail (including Partially Addressed Mail), Door Drops, and Business Mail. This committee plays a crucial role in quantifying and understanding the impact of mail as a media channel. Considering that advertising mail is the third-largest media channel in the UK, worth an estimated £1.1bn annually, JICMAIL's insights are invaluable for marketers looking to leverage this medium effectively.

Unmatched Engagement and Effectiveness

Let's dive into the key findings and explore why mail deserves a place in your modern marketing mix.

Key Stats:

  • Engagement: 95% of mail is physically interacted with, and 30% prompts a commercial action like a website visit or purchase.
  • Effectiveness: Purchases driven by mail increased year-on-year, with online purchases growing the most (3.3% of mail items).
  • Lifespan: Mail enjoys a long lifespan, with people keeping it around for an average of 28 days (Direct Mail) and even filing it away for future reference.
  • Reach: Mail reaches a wider audience than you might think, with 1.17 additional people seeing a Direct Mail item within the household.

Why Mail Matters:

  • Tangible & Personal: In a digital world, physical mail stands out. It feels personal, grabs attention, and encourages deeper engagement.
  • Lifelong Impact: Mail stays in homes for weeks, reminding recipients of your brand and message long after the initial interaction.
  • Multi-Channel Synergy: Mail seamlessly integrates with digital marketing, driving website visits, app downloads, and online purchases.
  • Targeted & Measurable: Mail campaigns can be precisely targeted to specific demographics and their effectiveness can be accurately measured.

Driving Commercial Actions

What's more striking is the role of mail in driving purchases. The report shows that 5% of mail prompted a purchase, a substantial 24% increase year-on-year. This rise indicates that mail is not just a medium for awareness but a potent tool for converting interest into sales, especially as online purchasing driven by mail increased to 3.3%.

Longevity and Reach

Mail's interaction frequency remained stable, with each piece of mail being interacted with an average of 4.17 times. This ongoing engagement speaks to the longevity of mail in households – a significant factor in brand recall and consumer action. The report also noted that the lifespan of door drops increased for the fifth consecutive quarter, further reinforcing the enduring presence of mail in consumers' lives.

Digital Integration and The Path to Purchase

In an intriguing blend of traditional and digital, the report shows that mail effectively drives digital actions. A notable 40% of website visits prompted by mail converted into an online purchase. This statistic reveals the untapped potential of integrating mail with digital marketing strategies, such as targeting abandoned online shopping carts.

Targeted and Personalised Engagement

The effectiveness of mail is also evident in its targeted use. Over three-quarters of direct mail is used for customer retention, while 88% of door drops are leveraged for acquisition. This strategic deployment speaks to the versatility of mail in addressing different stages of the customer journey – from acquisition to retention.

A Tool for Today's Marketers

As these insights reveal, mail is far from being an obsolete marketing channel. Its ability to engage, convert, and sustain consumer attention in a digital age is unparalleled. Businesses should recognise the unique value that mail brings to the marketing mix – its tangibility, personal touch, and directness are assets that digital channels often struggle to replicate.

In conclusion, while digital marketing has its place, don't underestimate the power of mail. Its ability to capture attention, build trust, and drive action makes it a valuable tool for any marketer. Consider incorporating targeted mail campaigns into your mix and see the positive impact it can have on your brand.

The Q4 2023 JICMAIL report underscores the relevance and power of mail in today's marketing landscape. As marketers, embracing this channel's unique strengths and integrating it into a holistic marketing strategy could be the key to unlocking new levels of engagement and conversion.

We can help you unlock the full potential of direct mail in your marketing mix!

For more insights into how direct mail can elevate your marketing strategy or to discuss how our services can benefit your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us

Source: JICMAIL Quarterly Results Q4 2023

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