Innovations in direct mail help brands shout louder in the digital era

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Innovations in direct mail help brands shout louder in the digital era

After years of fire-fighting to dispel myths about its effectiveness and measurement, direct marketing – and in particular direct mail – is enjoying something of a revival.

Direct mail ad spend rose 5.9% year on year during the third quarter of 2017, according to the latest data from the Advertising Association and Warc. It is the third largest media channel in the UK after online and TV, with annual ad spend standing at £1.7bn in 2016 with current predictions set for a further rise of 0.9%.

Separate data from IPA TouchPoints suggest direct mail is well received too, given 38% of people buy or order something after reading mail and 87% of adults keep some mail for longer than one month. 

Content courtesy of Steve Hemsley, Marketing Week 19th February 2018

Not surprisingly, more businesses are looking towards direct mail as the solution to get their voice heard and raise those all-important conversion levels during 2018.

When it comes to investment in non-financial direct mail, the market is led by Mail Order companies at 43%, followed by Health and Pharma at 17% and Giftware at 13% The Clothing, Direct Response and Drinks industry are contributing around 7% each to annual spend. (Source, Neilsons) Contribution is set to rise as more companies learn how customer acquisition and retention is increased by innovative and creative direct mail. 

Smaller businesses are starting to realise the scope offered by clever direct mail when included as part of their own marketing plan. It provides an opportunity to really connect with their customers through dynamic communication. When supported by comprehensive reporting and analytics, direct marketing can generate new levels of market intelligence that is helping to drive investment to the very heart of customer experience, engagement and spend.

With over 30 years leading direct marketing trends and innovation, DDL Group are pleased to offer their expertise and support in helping more SME’s consider direct mail as part of their own marketing strategy.

The question being asked is no longer, Does direct mail work? but, How can direct mail work for me? 

So, if you are thinking of running a direct mail campaign and want to safeguard your budget and optimise your results, why not give us a call to find out what makes the best direct mail campaigns so successful. It’s a question the friendly bunch here at DDL Group are always happy to help with.

To enquire about direct mail or any other direct marketing service we can help you with click here

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