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What is Live Chat…

Live Chat provides you with immediate and direct access to your customers, when they actually want you. This highly responsive and timely method of engaging with your customers:


  • improves their opinion of you
  • connects you with your customers when they are most receptive to your message
  • makes it easier for them to do business with you

Live Chat

7 ways Live Chat will improve your business.

1. Increases Customer Satisfaction

So, you are the customer. What is it that turns you off making that purchase or doing business with a certain company? What are the reasons why you would go elsewhere? The chances are, your decisions will be based on the following experiences:

  • How accessible they are
  • How easy they are to deal with
  • How responsive they are
  • How communicative they are
  • How relevant they are
  • How reliable they are

To achieve great Customer Satisfaction, we need to be able to tick all these boxes, consistently. Live Chat can do just that. How impressive would it be to have your specialists on hand to help and guide every time they are needed? Those friendly staff who want to do the best for your customers. What would that say about your business? 

Forrester Research reveals found that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer. However, adopters of Live Chat have reported increases in Customer Satisfaction levels of up to 73%. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

2. Reduces Site Abandonment

Let’s think about this example; You are looking to buy a new laptop. You have done your research and have three potential suppliers on your shortlist. The first company you call has you transferred through to a voicemail or hold queue. Do you leave a message or wait patiently to be dealt with or do you move on to the next supplier on your list? Chances are, you will move on. In a recent experiment, 92% of business leaders confirmed they would move on to the next on the list after one failed contact (data: 36 participating companies) It’s the same with your website. If it’s slow, unresponsive or confusing, your visitors will abandon you. Live Chat provides the equivalent of having that call picked up by someone in a position to help, within a few rings. You can provide your customers with immediate support to progress their enquiry or resolve an issue quickly. Another big tick in the customer satisfaction box and a rather large step towards building customer loyalty and seeing a reduction in churn and attrition.

3. Provides Real Time Support

Having an easy and visible way for customers to connect up with your team directly, when they need you is really powerful. It allows for a range of question or queries to be covered spontaneously, removing the inevitable delay of a customer enquiry through the use of email or call back requests. Being there to respond in real time to your customer, gives them a reason to stay on your site and progress their relationship with you. It provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate how responsive you are and how much importance you place on the relationship with your customer. It fosters confidence and trust in you as a business, which in turn builds brand loyalty and sales, yes SALES! 

4. Personal not Predictive

This highly personalised approach to customer service makes the customer feel like they are being listened to. When researching something for yourself, how often have you been frustrated by the alternative pre-populated menu of FAQ’S (frequently asked questions)? Left struggling to find a question that best fits your specific query. Or being confused by the next step to take when your question doesn’t appear on the list? Live Chat eliminates the risk of your customers feeling the same, by providing an approachable open-ended forum for individual questions and queries. After all, we are not all the same, are we? Recognising this and creating a platform for your customers to engage directly with you, shows that you are interested and care about them as individuals.

5. Speeds up Customer Care Process

A key strength of Live Chat compared to other communication channels is the ability to multi-task. Teams can manage several enquiries simultaneously, meaning that more of your customer queries are being dealt with at the same time. Resolution is often immediate, reducing the need for further follow up and effectively speeding up the time taken to really care for your customers.

6. Connects you with genuine enquiries

Customers who communicate through Live Chat are more likely to have already made an emotional commitment to purchasing a particular product or service and will have carried out initial research around their requirements. This means that they are engaging with you at a more advanced stage of their buying process. However, research shows that 77% of on-line shoppers would prefer to speak with a real person before making a final purchasing decision. Being there to respond when they are ready to do business with you will see you benefit from higher conversion rates and an increase in overall sales.

7. Enhances the Sales Cycle

Independent or remote purchasing decisions are difficult to influence. However, talking through your customer needs with them, provides an excellent opportunity to re-position or up-sell your products or services. Live Chat is a cost-effective way to offer additional support and guidance to improve and enhance purchasing choices. Raising customer satisfaction levels and profits simultaneously. Now that’s what we call a win – win!

Why not ask us how Live Chat can fit into your business. We are always happy to help, can offer a decent cup of coffee and a constant supply of biscuits!

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